My personal experience was above and beyond what I ever would have expected

Burger Professionals was referred to me as someone who had done a fantastic job not only with buying a home but also with selling a home.  According to my referral, after staging the home he was selling according to the suggestions, he didn’t want to leave it!

My personal experience was above and beyond what I ever would have expected.  I had the pleasure of working directly with Doug, the owner and operator.  My options in purchasing a home were limited at best. Doug was ever patient with my plethora of questions and concerns.  Every e-mail, text, and phone call was well received and promptly replied to with thorough, detailed answers and explanations.

Doug is one of the most genuine people I have met.  His staff was warm and friendly.  Their enthusiasm during the closing of my home was contagious.  If I ever find myself in need of a real estate agent again, Burger Professionals will be my first call.

Jessie Wachter

They don’t get any better than Toni Greenwood

After interviewing several Realtors in the South Sound area, I recently selected Toni Greenwood as the agent best suited to sell my home. I’ve never regretted that decision. Her professionalism, marketing expertise and negotiation skills are just a few of the things that make Toni an exceptional Broker.

One of the most important things I did was to follow her advice regarding the ‘staging’ of my house. I made the few simple changes she suggested, and was amazed at the difference it made in how my home ‘showed’ to prospective buyers. My house sold after only two weeks on the market.

To say that I am pleased with the work she has done would be an understatement. There are many Brokers out there, but in my book, they don’t get any better than Toni Greenwood.

Donna L. Huss

A high level of professionalism

We would like to express our appreciation for the high level of professionalism you demonstrated in marketing our home in Lacey, recently. We had not anticipated the property would sell as quickly as it did.

Your diligence in marketing online resulted in a quick sale which allowed us to move forward with the home we were purchasing out of State. We greatly appreciate the courtesy you showed to prospective buyers and to us.

It is refreshing to work with a broker that will go the extra mile to complete the sale when so many agents are content to list a property and wait for someone else to sell it.

Art and Lila Jewett

Toni knows the market and how to quickly overcome the obstacles

I am happy to provide a testimonial for the service you afforded my family during our waterftonit search and purchase. For others looking for a relentlessly focused real estate partner, I recommend Toni Greenwood.

Having searched over a year myself for waterftonit property, Toni found the perfect property for our family in less than a month. Toni’s real value was the advice and strategy she provided to have our offer selected over two other equally competitive bids. Toni knows the market and how to quickly overcome the obstacles.

The sttonigest endorsement for Toni is that I refer my friends to her. By the way, we love our waterftonit home and Toni made it happen!

Ed Kraft

Your ethics and follow through when questions came up after the sale was nothing short of fabulous!

This is a belated thank you for helping us find exactly the house we were looking for in Olympia. I was a little stressed at the thought of relocating from one State to another and after e-mailing back and forth with you and giving you our “wish list”, you were able to immediately zero in on the perfect location for us, and only took us to properties that were completely our taste, style and price range.

When I went off the “deep end” and fell in love with a location, but thought I could magically renovate those things that I didn’t like, you very gently pointed out that what I was suggesting could be much more expensive than I was realizing and gently redirected me.

Your astute negotiation skill once we found the house we wanted to purchase was impressive. We absolutely love our new home and our location. Your ethics and follow through when questions came up after the sale was nothing short of fabulous.

I have only had 2 other experiences selling and purchasing homes, but both were filled with anxiety and disappointment both during and after the transactions were completed. You have restored my faith and we will always be grateful.

Jan and Dennis Oborne

We highly recommend her

Toni did an outstanding job helping my wife and I search for a home near Fort Lewis. Professional, knowledgeable, and courteous, Toni went out of her way to meet our needs. We highly recommend her.

Dan and Leah Burkhart

Her expertise, knowledge and wisdom are unsurpassable

I would like to take a moment to write you regarding our experience with Toni. Toni came into our lives over a year ago when my husband was in the initial stages of looking for a home. It was merely a dream at that point in which we had not really planned to fulfill in the near future, much less actually achieve it.

Somehow, my husband found Toni. He looked through her listings she was sending us, for a year, occasionally taking a moment to show me a home he thought was maybe in our realm of possibilities. I would look and say, “OK, that’s nice”, and go on my way, not giving it a second thought because you see, I didn’t believe it was possible. I felt that my husband was doing what he always did, dream.

We eventually came to a fork in the road where my husband convinced me that maybe we could do this. He got a little more serious about looking, and even started emailing Toni. During the year that we were kind of sort of looking, Toni was amazing with my husband. She was patient with us, and never once pushed us to do anything we didn’t want to do. Toni answered all of my husband’s questions without ever getting impatient or even treating us like we were obnoxious children, (and I promise you, we were!). She held our hands and walked with us on this new adventure and took care of us every step of the way. Toni has great people skills! She never pushed us to do anything. She advised and gave us opinions and real life situations that she’s come up against. Her expertise, knowledge and wisdom are unsurpassable. She knew what we could and couldn’t afford, and when all was said and done, we had a new home built from the ground up.

Toni not only is our real estate broker, but we consider her to be a friend, for through this process, we became friends and in my opinion, friends don’t steer you wtonig. She’s honest to a fault whether she’s telling you good things or even things we didn’t want to hear, but when all was said and done, Toni does right by you.

Toni, thank you for who you are and all you do. Kevin and I do not hesitate to give your card to anyone we know is looking to buy or sell.

Kevin and Millie White

Her marketing strategies were top notch

On behalf of myself and my family, I would like to thank you for all that you did to sell our house. As you know, we were somewhat “under the gun” to move and sell our home in Olympia, but we were not willing to sacrifice the profit from the sale of our home.

Your willingness to negotiate, expertise, and marketing strategies were top notch. Not only did you assist my family in the pursuit of our dreams, but also the buyer’s family.

Thank you again!

David M. Davis, M. ed, NCC

Very knowledgeable

Burger Professionals is very knowledgeable about the real estate market, and did an exceptional job of marketing the property. They are always kind, and very courteous when you need to contact them with a question, or just to ask about progress, which you rarely need to ask because they keep you very well informed. A great team to work with!

Arnie Jackson

Outstanding first-class service

In the world of real estate transactions, trust and reliable consistent service are the pillars of a good business relationship. I have either purchased or sold 6 properties during the last 10 years in Olympia, and have repeatedly returned to Doug and his office, because of the outstanding, first-class service and trustworthiness which characterize every transaction. I recommend every member of his stellar team unconditionally!

Stephany Donchey

An excellent job in marketing

Burger Professionals has done an excellent job in marketing and selling our house. As an out-of-State owner, we had to do everything by phone, fax, email, or Fed-Ex. They had to coordinate with my property manager as well as a non-compliant rental tenant. Though this house was average, and was in rental history for six years, I am convinced that I got a fair market value for my home, and that it was done professionally and quickly. The whole team assisted with the processing, overcoming some difficulties concerning showing the house, complying with local laws for septic, moisture intrusion, etc., and coordinating final repairs. Their explanations of the process, all over the phone or by e-mail, were excellent. Their photo of the home for ads was superb!

Bonnie Troutdale

Very professional and helpful

I had no idea everything that was involved in selling a house. Burger Professionals walked me through each step of the way. They are very professional and helpful. I have enjoyed the experience of working with this agency. Thank you for all your help and the quick sale of my home.

Randy Scoffield

They are far and away the best

This was our 2nd home selling and buying experience with Burger Professionals. Both have been exceptional. Doug and his team are indeed professionals in every way. They are by far and away the best. Their advice and coaching throughout the process made it quick, effective and painless.

Dan Wrye

They are indeed the best office in town!

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, you will get the best customer service with Burger Professionals. Doug Burger strives to provide top-of-the-line training for all the brokers, and as a result, the customer service is excellent. I listed my house with Burger Professionals, and due to the beautiful photos posted on the multiple listing, and the attention to detail, my house sold in one day and I made an offer on a condo out of town. They juggled the details so effortlessly, that it all came together in a seamless manner. I would recommend their office to all my friends. They are indeed the best office in town.

Gayle Zeller

They know their stuff!

Working with Burger Professionals is a real treat! They are not only great real estate brokers, but are compassionate problem solvers. They indoctrinated us before we ever went out to look at homes. During this meeting they interviewed us and determined what we were qualified for as well as where to look. The first neighborhood we went to was hitting the nail on the head! We ultimately wrote an offer which was negotiated with ease and I cant tell you how well we were treated by the entir Burger Professionals staff! What a great experience this has been.

Michael Javelet